Thursday, April 16, 2009

USC: School of Intollerance

Katie Couric recently received a Walter Cronkite award for "excellency" in Journalism at a USC campus in Orange County for her interview with Sarah Palin... Odd considering how instead of interviewing Palin she simply kept asking the same question over and over and over and over and over again. I think the broken record is more deserving of this award that uses the word excellency lightly instead. Nonetheless, she received this award. Anyone surprised a "journalist" who puts her political faith before the art of reporting receives such an award from an obviously Liberal institution?

John Ziegler, a documentary film maker, was not invited to the event. His latest documentary explores how the media mistreated Palin, odd he wasn't invited. Zielger was at the event though to catch footage and ask questions as well as hand out free copies of his documentary regarding Palin to attendees when he was asked to leave. (You can view footage of this incident at the link below)

Ziegler was well within his right as he was not obstructing the peace nor the entryway and was indeed several feet away from the building as originally instructed (This award ceremony is apparently quite threatened by real journalism). Regardless of his total cooperation he was harrassed, intimidated, threatened, handcuffed and escorted off campus by law enforcement.

What did Ziegler do wrong? What did Ziegler do so wrong that not I nor you nor any other American wouldn't be guilty of? Is it illegal now to stand and observe? Are we barred from carrying cameras or asking questions or handing out pamphlets? If on a USC campus, apparently so.

No matter what one's political inclination might be this issue has nothing to do with politics. This issue is about you or I being harrassed by law enforcement agents for standing on a sidewalk as that is what happend to Ziegler who committed no more wrong than you or I. I am outraged.

Ziegler not only suffered injuries to his wrist from the rough treatment by these law enforcement agents but was eventually unhandcuffed as they knew he done no wrong. This was pure harrassment and intimidation and assault launched by USC and carried out by our tax funded, supposed, keepers of the peace and defenders of justice.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that just about every school in the nation (from elementary to grad school) is dominated by the political left. If this is news to you: Sorry you skipped on college, I hope you at least graduated high school. As for the rest of us, it can be a scary place.

A student was called a "bastard" and demeaned by his teacher for his speech in class about the Bible and his feelings of same-sex marriage right here at Los Angeles Valley College. We had a student tasered for trying to ask a question in Florida when John Kerry was speaking. And now journalists are being escorted off campus.

What age is this we live in? If it has become a crime to ask questions or speak your mind or stand on a sidewalk: What is acceptable behaviour? As far as I can see the only form of acceptable behaviour is to keep your mouth shut and remain placed where the government positions you.

Is this the "change" we wanted from Obama?

- View the video of harassment, intimidation, assault and arresst here.

- For Zieglers current work visit here.

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