Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thanks Obama, Selling Out Smokers

Already early in his term as America's greatest error Obama has put us farther in debt with Pelosi's run away "spendulus" bill disguised as a "stimulus" that does nothing more than expand government's role of invading our personal life. Nobody read the bill, it was thrown together on a whim, and it has accomplished nothing other than digging us farther into a hole.

The bill allowed for bonuses to be given to AIG execs which considering their annual salary of $1, is this an issue, no. Was this even news to anyone who approved this bill? No, and if it was shame on them for not taking their job seriously, but it was indeed a Democrat, Chris Dodd (of Conn.), who guaranteed the bonuses. Again, amidst an annual salary of $1 is the bonus even an issue? No. What is an issue? Over half of our tax dollars being used to bail-out these companies for the sole purpose of unfreezing credit lines so Americans can begin consuming again going to overseas investments. But does anyone bring this up? No.

Now with the rabid spending out of the way, or just beginning (check out Obama's budget proposal), we have the Liberal hate machine attacking smokers.

Our cigarette prices recently gone up thanks to Obama signing a Left-sided bill that raises the federal tax on on a pack of cigarettes to over $1, a bill Bush has refused to sign into law. For what reasons are our cigarette taxes going up? Well, for one, the Democratic party doesn't appreciate the act of smoking (Yes, even weed, as Obama reiterated recently). The Democratic party doesn't condone you making your own decisions rather it be to smoke or eat McDonalds or consume transfat or even have a soda (Debra Ortiz, CA Senator, wants to raise taxes on soda, as does Democratic NY Governor Patterson).

Additionally, and this is of my own personal theory, the tobacco industry is a big money maker which generally derives from Red States. What else is a big money maker? The movie industry. Arts and Entertainment. That industry supports what states, California and New York, the two most Liberal states in the union that set the stage for all the other states who sell out. The auto industry makes big money too, or at least once upon a time, and that industry is too controlled by big union which gives them a Left bent. Is it just me or does it seem that any industry that makes money that isn't towards the Left quickly becomes a public enemy? Tobacco, fast food, "Chilies," and soda... Anything that is perhaps center-right becomes an issue with the Liberal media which, as most evident by our last Presidenital election, dictates how society will behave. Another public enemy is Wal-Mart. Why? Big money maker and certainly center-right which makes the company a prime target for the Liberal hate machine.

All the above: Cigarettes, Soda, Fast Food, Chilies-like restaurants and Wal-Mart not only reel a nice profit without proceeds going fully to left-wing causes but give everyone an option. While the rich, such as Pelosi and Obama, can dine wherever they like and be treated with respect and unwind however they desire, can the poor to average family do the same? No. But anyone, at one time, could afford the relaxing effects of a cigarette. Anyone could afford to make their meal extra special with a chilled soda of delicious flavors to complement their plate. The poor can eat out at their local fast food restaurant and the middle-class could do the same or visit their mid-range chain restaurant such as Chilies or Red Lobster. And of course, everyone can go to their local Wal-Mart super center and afford the essentials such as tooth paste and a brush as well as groceries for their family, unlike here in Los Angeles where we are deprived of Wal-Marts and must grocery shop at stores run by unions where any item you put in the cart will set you back at least $5. The employees at these union-run stores are unfriendly, unhelpful, and lazy as well; a total 360 of the type of work force you'd find at any Wal-Mart.

But of course, the entire goal of the Democratic party is to dictate your life which means depriving you of your right to choose. Rather it be through a flat-out ban or heavy taxes it makes no different to them as the law doesn't apply to the elite who enforce it (Look at Geitner or any other Obama pick) nor do the taxes cause them undue burden as it does for every other American citizen. I must digress, back to the topic at hand....

The Liberal media has most certainly succeeded in demonizing smokers, the tobacco industry, and employees of the tobacco industry. Smokers have been run out of restaurants, bars and hotels, run off of the sidewalk and even off the street, and now even out of their own cars and homes. When does it stop? Where does it stop? It doesn't, unless of course your Lindsay Lohan who can not only afford to pay the government 130+ percent in taxes but also be overlooked by the law based on social class, which given the misled outrage over the AIG bonuses, has Obama brought this country together or only sparked social warfare?

So first we have the largest single federal tax increase on a single product which oversteps the rights of the states in determining their own taxes so more select children, more than likely illegals, can farther drain our system and now we also have FDA regulation to look forward.

The House passed yet another bill that Bush threatened to veto that will not only give full government regulation of another private industry but will result in the ban of flavored tobacco (Possibly even menthol), more obscene warnings on packaging that undermine the freedom of the tobacco companies, and farther limit marketing. The FDA is already spread far too thin. How many products do you buy that states: Not FDA approved? Just about anything I pick up states this. Clearly they are overwhelmed and everyday we have new developments about XX causing heart attacks or "if you or a loved one" because the FDA clearly didn't do their job. And now they're going to be regulating tobacco?

Despite the obvious concerns listed above that come with the bill this will severly limit new product lines as they will have to go through the FDA to get approval, which is bogus. Even with the aids virus and cancer, even if there was a cure, which there is always some kind of development, how long will it take to reach the market? It'll probably be even longer for tobacco products.

We also got flavored smokes banned. We're going to have possibly new ingredients that may or may not suit current smokers. We're going to have even more invasive "warnings" on the packaging which isn't going to discourage anyone from smoking but rob the tobacco companies of their creativity. I'd like to see Hollywood sit back while all DVDs are released with a major WARNING covering half the cover about how sitting in front of the TV causes obsesity or laziness.

Also, already marketing options are severly limited for tobacco companies. They barely get away with magazine ads which I am sure will cease to exist soon. But the bigger concern is: What about alcohol? Why is it okay for alcohol to sponsor a race car or a sports arena or a concert but not tobacco? Anyone who tells you alcohol is less of a concern than tobacco is either a liar or ignorant. The Left wants to attack big tobacco companies but if they'd leave them be, if we could go back to where we were in the '90s, we could have nicer communities would tobacco be allowed to put their money in. But no. God forbid.

This bill has passed the House and is going to be introduced in the Senate by someone who probably should've been smoking instead of stuffing his face, Edward Kennedy. Kennedy who says tobacco is "the most lethal of all consumer products" obviously didn't get the memo about how dangerous transfat and McDonalds is or how many smokers, if not most, live a life no different than a non-smoker and many die at the same age as non-smokers as opposed to someone who drinks in a single night and either:

A) Car crash (Drove drunk and crashed or a victim of a drunk driver).
B) Alcohol poisoning.
C) Fall off a balcony, down some stairs, harrasses other patrons at a bar and gets tied to a barbed wire fence... The list is endless of how drinking can lead to immediate, or slow, death.
D) Cancer... Yes, alcohol can cause cancer of the throat just as how smoking can as well as in other areas.
E) Choke on tongue.

Of course drinking doesn't always lead to death but can also lead to an enlarged, inflamed nose and possibly even mental retardation, both evidenced by Edward Kennedy, as well as mass weight gain.

All this talk about America supposedly having an obsesity epidemic... Well, when people smoked we didn't have such an epidemic. People in Asia smoke, they ain't fat. People in Europe smoke, they ain't fat. Perhaps we need to bring cigarettes back as opposed to demonizing smokers and these attempts to rob the public of their cigarettes.

At the end, should this bill pass, it's just yet another government take over of the private sector in a bid by the Left to farther regulate our lives and deprive us of our right to make our own decisions. Those hurt the most by this unconstitutional legislation will of course be the poor, the number one of victim of the actions of the Left.


Blogger said...

Well, the tax is horrible, but you might get your point across better if you toned down the lib-hate. There are plenty of cons who want to tax smokers, too.

Luk3 said...

While I agree that my point may be better received without the political dissent of the Left I do believe it is necessary in portraying my message as while, yes, there are "Republicans" who want to not only tax the smoking community but run smokers out of town (/cough Huckabee) the issue itself, of taxing our right to smoke as well as demonizing smokers and the tobacco industry, falls under the Liberal agenda.

It is most sad when a Republican falls victim to the Liberal agenda which is why I feel it was perhaps a blessing that Obama and the Left won so handsomely this pass election as the GOP needs to get back inline with our core values that includes, but not limited to, our right to smoke as well as the right of business owners who should decide if smoking is allowed or not at their own discretion.