Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Activist Judges, Yet Another Example

6th District Judge Peter D. McDermott in Eastern Idaho had a defendant's mouth duct taped shut due to his supposed outbursts in court. Not only is this a demonstration of the gross abuse of power these judges perform but to find out the defendant is possibly mentally unstable. This is no different than pushing someone because they're in your way despite that person being on crutches. If the defendant is incapable of controlling his outbursts why is he even in court and if the Judge can't tolerate the behavior of this defendant then perhaps it's time for McDermott's resignation.

I am not sure what charges are against the defendant other than that he was convicted for felony theft in 2008 and sentenced to treatment but after being released he apparently refused to take his medication which is a violation of his probation. To this I say: What about the homeless people? How many homeless people do we have running around our cities who are homeless by choice and pose a threat to society either by not taking their medication or just being mean-spirited? It's okay for the homeless to not take medication and to harass society, perhaps even endangering, but for this one guy it's an issue? I don't get that.

No less, the bigger issue is this judge having the defendants mouth taped shut. Judges are a public servant who are to mediate disputes free of any bias judgment, they are not there to humiliate, harass, intimidate or cause undue stress or hardship on those in the hearing.

Just as how Congress has gotten out of control as well as the White House Americans have allowed their judges to grow bigoted, selfish and self-righteous. Americans need to demand their voice back and reign in the tyranny of our government. From the oval office down to our city council our public servants need to be reminded of who they work for.

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