Friday, September 26, 2008

What PETA Wants You To Eat

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has proposed to Ben & Jerrys (plain ol' ice cream that is diluted with bottom barrel candies, much like the bottom barrel argument of any Liberal) to use the milk of breasting mothers rather than cows.

Due to the tremondous "harm" inflicted on cows and calves by milking them PETA believes it would be more sound and "healthy" for Ben & Jerry's ice cream to be with the milk of nursing mothers. PETA seems to believe that the milk from cows is "hazardous" to the health of humans.

While the spokesperson for Ben & Jerrys praised PETA's absurd idea they declined the move to using the milk of nursing mothers and will continue with their happy, Vermont cows who according to PETA are in dire agony from being milked. Wonder when the last time anyone at PETA had good sex? =/

Jane Crouse, spokesperson for La Leche, stated that the milk from cows and that of nursing mothers are unique and nontransferrable. Noting the dynamic differences between the milk of nursing mothers and their child amongt each other.

As with all things that come out of PETA, rather offensive, anti-semitic, racist, or just plain loony, this one is no exception. Though it is a bit creepy and unsettling.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shut Down Day

A group of Canadians has come up with an idea of "Shutdown Day" and trying to spread it globally.

A day during which everyone takes a break from their computers, televisions, and all things electronic to go outside.

This group of Canadians contends the purpose of this day of de-progression is to get people away from such vile, dangerous electronics that are "allowing society finding an excuse not to socialize," says Shutdown Day co-founder Ashutosh Rajekar.

Social networking sites, and online forums, if anything, bring people together. No matter where one is, they can find like-mind individuals to socialize with. Who is to say online socialization is any less than real-world? A connection is a connection. A relationship is a relationship. Moreover, people meet people online. Plain and simply.

People are not less social due to electronic devices which is the claim this organization is making to justify their day of de-progression. If anything, I say, thanks to the internet, people are more social.

The internet allows anyone and everyone with access to freely post their opinion and share their ideas without fear of persecution or banishment.

People are, though, less social in reality. Political correctness has caused everyone to censor their thoughts and feelings for fear of being falsely labeled as a ____ (hater, racist, bigot, sexist, close-minded, etc, etc.).

The government and society itself has imposed restrictions on individual expression. Even smoking. Smoking is a form of self-expression. The choice of cigarette says a lot about a person. The choice of their Zippo says a lot. However, the government has stripped that right away from us.

Moreover, like alcohol, smoking is a social thing. Smokers are forbidden from getting together in the growing number of towns that have banned smoking outside. Banned smoking inside. Banned smoking in apartment complexes.

Smoking brings people together to relax and socialize. Not being able to smoke. Not being able to drink (in some counties).... What reason do people have to get out of the house to get together other than physical contact which they can find online?

Even to enjoy the great outdoors. You cannot smoke in parks or on beaches. Where is one to go?

The assumed lack of socialization based on electronic devices is absolutely unfounded. People are just as social as ever, if not more, through virtual means. People are less social in the physical world due to fear.

Fear imposed by our government and ignorant, back-ward thinkers as the organizers of this day of de-progression.