Friday, August 14, 2009

T-Mobile Charging for Billing

I cannot believe that I logged onto T-Mobiles site to pay my bill to find that I am being coerced into signing up for paperless billing or be penalized with an extra charge each month and while I'm sure there are enough media drones on to regurgiate the "environmental impact" of paper being used and mail being delivered (God forbid we live in such a society with a reliable maling service and print ink on paper) I'm not happy about this. As a consumer I'm appalled and regardless of one's opinion on the matter as a consumer we should all be appalled.

I called T-Mobile to complain the moment I received this notice and was told by their Customer Service Representative that I cannot cancel my contract without an early termination fee. I was also told by T-Mobiles CSR that every other wireless provider charges for billing as well. Both were lies.

1) Under section 5 of the Terms & Conditions states: If we (T-Mobile) materially modify these T&Cs in a way that is materially adverse to you (me, the consumer), or if a change increases your set monthly recurring charge(s), we will provide you with at least 30 days notice and you may terminate your service without an early termination fee by notifying us within 30 days after reception of said notice.

Not only is my set monthly bill going to be more than originally agreed upon this change does adversely affect me as I am opposed for political reasons among others.

2) I visited Sprint's website and was told by their online CSR that they do not charge for receiving your bill in the mail. I'm told by those who have Cingular and Verizon that they are not charged for receiving their bill in the mail either.

So on both counts I was lied to by T-Mobile.

Everyone who is oppossed to this, which as a consumer how can anyone not be: Cancel now as after 30 days of notice it is assumed you accepted the new T&Cs.

Should T-Mobile get away with this new fine what will be next? Not only will other companies follow suit but T-Mobile and others will become more rash and emboldened in levying new fees towards their consumers. End it now.