Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blind Investments

Life is nothing but a journey of hope as there is no perfect life and without perfection we are left with the hope of a better tomorrow. Rich or poor, loved or hated, we all share the element of hope. The hope for a good closing of your stock, the hope for that winning scratcher, the hope that our loved ones will make it home safe or the hope that maybe we might find someone to love us tomorrow. No matter the path one walks the hope for tomorrow is alive for the absence of hope is the absence of life.

Nothing is certain and all is ever changing, in an instant our life can be taken or degraded. Quality is of greater value than that of quantity. The smoker may be scorned and may be condemned to a shorter life but if that life is of greater quality than the life that is deprived who is the winner in the end. Life is a challenge of making choices, choices that may result in fortune or ruin so we hope in the end that our choice made is the best though we are never for certain. To assume certainty is to assign yourself to ignorance.

The certainty that all is calm or will be resolved based on the hope invested in a single individual is nothing less than certain ignorance. Hope invested in the faith of others is hope wasted. You can hope in nothing more than your own self and the will of the Lord for all else will leave you forsaken in this world.

Blind faith without reason is throwing caution to the wind. Our world is filled with venom and deceit, trust is not something to be handed out lightly for not even in the beginning ages of our world was trust a commodity not first earned. To put trust, faith, and hope in any individual you must first be certain of the nature and characteristics of said individual which cannot be merely assumed.

Many of us have put our faith and hope and trust into a single man whose true character we have never seen in the light. In a stretch of not yet a full season we have witnessed numerous contradictions, preemptive profiling of our brethren, derogative statements aimed at the each of us, mass dissipation of worth we do not possess, hostile seizures of our industries and blatant maneuvers to farther polarize our society with the worse yet to come. We must also not forget the wasteful quarter million dollars, more actually, to frighten Manhattan residents as well as the additional burden placed on the smoking community.

In the times to come we can expect to see a take over of what will soon become our internet “privileges” as Congress allots full authority over the net into the hands of the individual occupying the Oval Office with no oversight that includes, but not limited to, full access to all internet databases as well as the power to shut us all out of the net at any whim. We may also be subjected to taxes when shopping online from across state lines which could result in doubled taxes for online purchases and most certainly drive small businesses off the net.

Additionally, our cost of living will continue to rise rapidly as we experience an undue hike in energy costs that will affect us at home and on the road as well as at the grocery store, we may even be looking at a tax on our individual mileage. We may also lose our right to work if big unions get their way which will also result in our $3 box of cereal rising to $6, as the difference is here in California between Wal-Mart and the unionized grocery stores.

America has blindly invested their hope in a man they did not know and still do not know today. America has handed out their trust as if it’s plentiful and valueless, which for some of us it may very well be but our nation, our accustom to living is most certainly not valueless nor plentiful as there is no other nation in this world that allots you the same freedoms as does America. To carelessly put our nation and our lifestyle into the hands of a single majority with a radical agenda to bring it all to pasture is a grave mistake.

For those of us who have retained our faith and not handed it out we can find solace in that faith knowing that the Lord shall see us through and provide all we might need no matter what destruction may lie ahead. As faith can move a mountain perhaps our faith may even move those making the decisions to use wisdom rather than haste, but let us not lose sight of replacing those who've failed us in coming election cycles as we need to regain control of our government, of our nation, of our lives.

We the people, in God we trust. Not the government nor in politicians we trust.

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