Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Incompetancy of Cops

Aside from handing out tickets for jay-walking when no cross-walk is to be seen, or cars for that matters; aside from ticketing drivers for talking on their cell phone or issuing tickets for smoking... What are cops good for? Good ol' harassment, at most.

Surely no cop I ever known has put his life on the line for the safety or protection of the public, unless of course it's to defend of the "dangers" of second-hand smoke.

It's no surprise that cops, as judges, as our entire legal system, enjoy blaming the victim. A man was arrested in Florida for dialing 911 after a Subway restaurant prepared his Italian Sub without the sauce... The man complained and asked for the sauce to which the Subway employees refused, eventually locking him outside of the restaurant (I thought we only experience rude, incompetent service here in LA, good to know I'm not alone.)

The cops arrived on the scene to arrest the man for improper use of 911... I have to wonder, what IS proper use? When I fell victim to an attack and was intentionally runned down by a moving vehicle, the cops blamed me as if I shouldn't have bothered them with my 911 call. They then humored me with an undocumented police report. On another occasion when my car was broken into on my own drive-way, an attack launched out of hate, the cops didn't even humor me but demonstrated absolute apathy towards my situation.

What ARE cops doing? What ARE they for? We know what they're suppose to be doing, what they're suppose to be for... But somewhere between their intended purpose and what they believe to be their job there is a disconnect.

America is absolutely in shambles. From our education system to our legal system to our politicians to our cops to our economy. No matter how much works needs to be done, it can be done and we can prevail. But who cares? Not Congress. Not our Presidential nominees. Not even most of the people you know.

The greatest problem facing America today is not oil dependency. Not obesity. Not whatever cause you wish to believe. The problem is apathy. From Congress down to the people themselves, apathy is our greatest problem. Even with oil prices surging, our Democratic led Congress refuses to find a solution, promising that even $10 a gallon won't motivate them for an answer.

Until the apathetic outlook is shed, there is no hope for America.