Thursday, July 31, 2008

F0cked in 08

Hussein is to Liberal as Super bug is to bug.

Hillary is a snake, thought the lesser of three Liberals.

McCain... A senile old man who forgot what party he is in. Was slowly warming up to him but to find out, he’s not only paired with Kennedy in leaving our borders wide open and vulnerable to terrorists but also in cahoots in giving FDA full regulation over tobacco. Including, but not limited to, the bannage of flavored cigarettes.

What in God's name happened to our free market? And moreover, our Republican party? Huckabee was no Republican either, he single handedly led the blanketed smoking ban across his state of Arkansas as governor using stealth tactics and the health lobbyists. McCain wants open borders and the same revocation of freedom as Huckabee.

Romney lost out thanks to Huckabee hucking around and those damned open primaries that let all these know-nothings rig our presidential nomination with sympathy votes for McCain but for chrissakes... I don’t know what to do anymore as Hillary, being the lesser of three Liberals, faces an uphill battle in winning the DNC’s nomination due to the fact that Obama losing out from Superdelegates will cause Rodney King riots.

Smokers are totally screwed in the coming years unless the 40+ million of us begin making some demonstrations as these politicians are continually passing stealth measures without public consent and they seem to be only growing in power. It was Pelosi herself who banned smoking on the House floor when the bigot came to power.

Oh Noez He Dihint!

Do your daughters Sasha and Malia ever ask about Britney Spears?

"Actually, yeah. But they're very sensible. They're pretty down on Britney and Paris and all of that. They think that's very "yuck." They're way more into Hannah Montana and Beyonce. They got to go backstage and meet Beyonce and they just love her to death." -- Barack Hussein Obama

Wow... Is this dude a hater or what? Absolutely out of it, no less. You don't run for president and knock America's Sweetheart.

In this quote he is indirectly knocking Spears by saying his daughters are "sensible" for being "down" on Britney and incoherently relaying his daughter's opinion of her as being "yuck" which he demonstrates a mutual feeling for due to his language.

Moreover, the question was asked about Britney Spears. America's sweetheart. The young woman who has hit platinum on every album she ever released, 4 original studio albums, one greatest hit compilation, and a remixed collection. A woman who contributes over 10 million dollars annually to the US economy without even touring and brought about the phenomena of the paparazzi and tabloid industry. Britney also heralded in two laws! One requiring children to be in a child seat AND a law restraining the paparazzi.

For chrissakes... When asked about Britney Spears, how the hell do you link her of such stature to a low-life, trust-fund imbecile as Paris Hilton? You don't. Unless you're the greatest moron to ever run for an office of such prestige as the Oval.

Yet another reason why Hillary is the best suited candidate for the Democratic party. Obama ends up running in November... McCain all the way, sadly.

Shutdown Day

A group of Canadians has come up with an idea of "Shutdown Day" and trying to spread it globally.

A day during which everyone takes a break from their computers, televisions, and all things electronic to go outside.

This group of Canadians contends the purpose of this day of de-progression is to get people away from such vile, dangerous electronics that are "allowing society finding an excuse not to socialize," says Shutdown Day co-founder Ashutosh Rajekar.

Social networking sites, and online forums, if anything, bring people together. No matter where one is, they can find like-mind individuals to socialize with. Who is to say online socialization is any less than real-world? A connection is a connection. A relationship is a relationship. Moreover, people meet people online. Plain and simply.

People are not less social due to electronic devices which is the claim this organization is making to justify their day of de-progression. If anything, I say, thanks to the internet, people are more social.

The internet allows anyone and everyone with access to freely post their opinion and share their ideas without fear of persecution or banishment.

People are, though, less social in reality. Political correctness has caused everyone to censor their thoughts and feelings for fear of being falsley labeled as a ____ (hater, racist, bigot, sexist, close-minded, etc, etc.).

The government and society itself has imposed restrictions on individual expression. Even smoking. Smoking is a form of self-expression. The choice of cigarette says a lot about a person. The choice of their Zippo says a lot. However, the government has stripped that right away from us.

Moreover, like alcohol, smoking is a social thing. Smokers are forbidden from getting together in the growing number of towns that have banned smoking outside. Banned smoking inside. Banned smoking in apartment complexes.

Smoking brings people together to relax and socialize. Not being able to smoke. Not being able to drink (in some counties).... What reason do people have to get out of the house to get together other than physical contact which they can find online?

Even to enjoy the great outdoors. You cannot smoke in parks or on beaches. Where is one to go?

The assumed lack of socialization based on electronic devices is absolutely unfounded. People are just as social as ever, if not more, through virtual means. People are less social in the physical world due to fear.

Fear imposed by our government and ignorant, back-ward thinkers as the organizers of this day of de-progression.

Smokers Exploited Through Interactive Media

Ubisoft is developing a video game for the Nintendo DS system to "coach" smokers away from cigarettes.

According to Christian Salomon, vice president of worldwide licensing at Ubisoft, "the player experiences a truly interactive engagement with the game, through which he or she learns that it can actually be enjoyable to quit smoking."

... For those who wish to quit, they usually end up going back to the cigarette as their reasons for quitting are not of their own but rather a subconscious desire based upon the discrimination they face on a daily basis along side the ever-increasing tax hikes... A smoker eventually comes to ask themselves: Why even bother?

Why even bother smoking when I can't do it anywhere, where I can do it I am badgered, and am paying the most taxes from any American yet denied this simple pleasure... Why bother smoking? The flipside of that equation is: Why bother? Why bother quitting when I find some pleasure of that occasional cigarette similar to that occasional drink after a long day at work?

The cycle never ends. Those who truly wish to quit smoking quit. It's not a matter of physical addiction, especially not come the third day of being without, but rather an emotional one if any. But for those who truly are ready to quit, they can, they will, they do. With or without any cheap attempt to exploit the smoking community, farther giving us a bad name, and making headway into our subconscious.

I am absolutely appalled at this attempt by the video game industry to now exploit smokers. Already there have been exploitations of the supposed obesity "epidemic" in this country, the Wii console all around is a covert attempt at encouraging physical activity for a timeless pastime that was once relaxing.

Personally, despite owning a Wii console and having had waited in line over night, the first in line, to purchase my Wii at launch, I rarely buy titles for it... I'm sort of in boycott of Nintendo as the console is cheap, gimmicky, and the titles all suck except for two percent of the first-party titles.

Ubisoft's cheap shot at exploiting the smoking community and perpetuating the myth that cigarettes kill, porno turns you blind, and Bush is the most beloved President in our history... Appalling.

Turning the video game into a utility to join the assault against smokers is absolutely heinous.

The game is to feature a measly 15 mini-games to "dispel the illusions about nicotine addiction" and is expected to release November.

Going to think long and hard before purchasing any titles from Ubisoft in the future.

Blood & Oppression on the hands of SF Mayor

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is responsible for declaring the city that of a sanctuary for illegal immigrants which resulted in the loss of a woman's entire family who was murdered by an illegal who should've been deported for several offenses, besides already being an illegal intruder of our nation.

Now, besides the blood on Newsom's hand, we have farther oppression of the smoking community as well as the revocation of the rights of pharmacy shops who, thanks to the effort of Newsom, are now banned from selling tobacco products.

A spokesman for the Mayor's office says pharmacies are where people go to get well, not to "get cancer." Well, we should probably ban cough syrup (Mind trips), alcohol (Car crash, rape, wreckless endangerment, Korsokoffs, throat cancer, mental retardation, liver malfunction), all the drugs that are not fully approved as being safe (Chantix, causing dementia, pulled from the market now), nicotine gums/patches (carcinogenic), etc etc etc etc etc... Oh, we should probably prohibit the sales of candy, soda, ice cream as well... These foods cause obesity and diabetes, certainly not something one should pick up while at a pharmacy.

Let us also not forget this cities ban on plastic bags from super markets and pharmacies.

Does San Francisco do anything good or bear any point of existence?

SAN FRANCISCO - The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 on Tuesday to ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies beginning this fall, making it the first U.S. city to impose such a ban, a mayor's office official said.

The measure, which was proposed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, amends San Francisco's health code to prohibit tobacco sales in any pharmacy, whether a small mom-and-pop store or a large retailer like Walgreens. Drugstores caught selling tobacco products in the city will be fined up to $1,000.

"A pharmacy should be a place you go to get better, not a place you go to get cancer," said Nathan Ballard, a spokesman for the mayor's office.

The citywide ban was modeled on rules enacted in eight Canadian provinces.

Similar proposals have failed this year in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Illinois and New York. San Francisco is the first city in the country to ban the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies, Ballard said.

Opponents of the ban say it puts pharmacies at a competitive disadvantage against other retailers and will do little to curb the smoking habits of San Franciscans.

In a letter to Newsom's office, Dennis Loper of the California Distributors Association wrote that the ban "limits the rights of legitimate retailers from selling a legal product."

The city's ban was supported by numerous anti-smoking and health advocacy groups, including the California Medical Association and the American Cancer Society.

Tobacco use is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths a year in the U.S. and is the leading cause of preventable death nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores, which also sent a letter to the city opposing the ban, did not immediately return messages seeking comment late Tuesday.